BMC Announces New Corporate Office, Logo And Branding.


Business Machines Company, Inc. has completed relocation to its new corporate offices in Lansing, releases new corporate logo and branding.

Our current office at 300 N Larch St has served our needs for nearly 34 of our 54 years however the time has come for an updated facility. To better serve our customers we have relocated to our new Corporate Office at: 7833 Rickle St Lansing MI 48917. In addition, our current logo adopted in 1978 has served the organization well, our red-lined BMC is known throughout our trade areas. The last refresh completed in 2008 highlighted our organizations 50th year of mutual success with our customers.

Our new logo features include a much simpler and modern design (shown below in blue). The color change from red to blue exemplifies: Calmness, Confidence, Dignity, Established, Loyalty, Success, Secure and Trustworthiness. "I believe our new logo truly demonstrates what we do for our customers, a loyal and trusted adviser making the sophisticated simple for their success" said Robert Bauer, President. "With the acquisition of Sunrise Technology Systems and the move of our corporate offices in Lansing it made sense to update our branding now." The new logo and branding will replace our current logo within the next few weeks.